GlobalPlatform open-source projects offers reference implementations of services, APIs for Secure Elements implementations and other tools that facilitates the use of GlobalPlatform technologies.

Open-source projects also serve as GlobalPlatform technology outreach to encourage developers, independent contributors, and companies to make use of GlobalPlatform technologies such as Secure Elements, TEE and TEE-MCU for their specific applications.

To simplify collaboration of members and contributors outside of GP membership, GitHub is used to facilitate GlobalPlatform Open-Source projects.

List of Open-Source Projects

Web APIs for Secure Elements

Open-source API to access a Secure Element from a Web application.

TPS API Reference Implementations

The TPS-API-Reference-Implementations GitHub project is developing commercial-grade reference implementations of services defined by the GlobalPlatform TPS.

SERAM - Secure Element Remote Access Management

Single administration protocol over HTTPs to perform remote management.

SE Abstract Communication Layer Over TCP IP

This project provides an abstract communication layer between test tools and secure elements.

OMAPI – Applets

Applet Codes for OMAPI test

OMAPI ARA – Applet

OMAPI ARA Applet Project

How to contribute to GP Open-Source

GlobalPlatform Standard for Open-Source Contribution

Fork and Pull Process

Branch Naming Suggestions


Components of a GlobalPlatform Github Repository


  • The license covering theOpen-Source project.
  • This will be defined in the project charter
  • Operating rules for the project

  • Overview
  • License Statement
  • How to build [Source Code]
  • Dependencies
  • Examples

  • Brief Overview
  • Author:
  • Date of release:
  • Release Version:
  • Project specific details:


  • This file should always be present upon the initial creation of a GitHub repository
  • Ignored files will always depend on a specific open-source repository
  • GitIgnore contents will only be updated by the Maintainer


  • Operating rules for the project

How To: Useful instructions
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